Effortless minimalist fashion

Minimalist fashion is about intentionally choosing less. It’s making a statement with minimal pieces. A minimalist wardrobe includes careful curation and choosing well-made items made to last. 

Embracing minimalist fashion

Our top tip for dressing minimally is to focus on elevated essentials and quality textures that can be mixed and matched together, creating a huge variety of effortless looks. 

Taking some time to define your personal style is an essential part of building a minimalist wardrobe. What shapes, lengths and cuts suit you best and make you feel good? Consider your lifestyle and how you want to be seen day-to-day, this will help you to build a fantastic foundational wardrobe and guide you on future purchasing decisions. 

Similar to the quiet luxury style we’re seeing  of late, minimalist fashion strips away unnecessary embellishments, logos and fashion excess. Neutral tones, tailored pieces and pieces that speak to your every day self are a must in a minimalist wardrobe.

Minimalist fashion for women

Quality over quantity is key when it comes to a minimal aesthetic. Prioritise versatile, timeless basics in a neutral colour palette; navy, grey, white, black and neutrals all pair so well together. In terms of pieces, focus on the classics first, like a well tailored blazer, shirts, classic trousers and a little black dress. 

And being a minimalist doesn’t mean you can’t accessorise. A beautiful pair of sunglasses, a sculptural gold earring and a delicate leather belt are all perfect accessories to finish off your monochrome and neutral looks and add eye-catching details. 

Tips to start a minimalist wardrobe

Opting for a minimalist wardrobe can bring calm in an otherwise hectic fashion scene. It’s something that’s personal, and differs from person to person. That being said, here are TBCo’s top tips for starting a minimalist wardrobe:

  • Consider your day to day activities. Are you in the office five days a week? Are you more active? Do you spend more time in the city or the countryside? Your clothes should be functional, and reflect your lifestyle.. 
  • Ask yourself if the pieces you’re looking at will be relevant in six months, a year, five years etc, or is it part of a passing fad? Choose clothes that are built to stand the test of time. 
  • Can you wear the piece with three different items already in your wardrobe? Our stylist Chloe’s ‘rule of three’ is a great place to start when buying new clothes, and can be found in our capsule wardrobe blog.

Is minimalist fashion eco friendly?

Minimalist fashion can be as eco-friendly as you make it. If you prioritise sustainable and ethical fashion brands that focus on eco-friendly fabrics, fair labour, and transparency in their supply chains, you can align your wardrobe with your values.

By its very nature, a minimalist wardrobe can also act as a capsule wardrobe. Instead of scrambling to jump on the next passing trend, minimalist fashion is also slow fashion -  choosing pieces that are designed to last, both in durability of the product and in style. 

Minimalist vs Maximalist

Where minimalism is all about keeping things as stripped back as possible, maximalism is about embracing the bold and contrasting colours and textures. Which are you - minimal, or maximal?