Eco-friendly fashion - why is it important?

When it comes to our fashion choices, what we buy and where we buy from is so important. Our purchasing decisions don’t just affect us as consumers or brands, it impacts the environment and communities around us too. The great news is, we can use our purchasing power to make a difference. 

By choosing eco-friendly apparel, collectively  we can make a positive change to the impact the fashion industry has on the planet. 

What is sustainable fashion?

To know how to be a savvy sustainable shopper, we must first understand what eco-friendly fashion means. A garment that has been made in a sustainable way takes into consideration not just the material, but wage and conditions of those who make it, and the process required to create it. 

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In short, sustainable fashion is ethically made and reduces the impact the clothing has on the environment. According to Greenpeace, the global fashion industry has a bigger carbon footprint than all international flights and shipping combined so it’s critical that we are intentional in our purchases. 

How is TBCo eco-friendly?

TBCo was created with a purpose; to have a positive impact on the planet and its people. Our status as a B Corp brand is our badge of commitment to being a force for change in the world, and something we’re incredibly proud of. 

We are selective on who we partner with for our mills and make sure they’re meeting environmental standards, and work with them to ensure they’re reaching their sustainable potential. 

We also have our Positive Impact Pledge, which is where 2% of our revenue is donated to charity from every purchase made. 

You can read more about our Positive Impact here

Why shop sustainable fashion?

The benefit to you is that when you shop sustainably, you are purchasing clothes and products made to last, that will ultimately save you money in the long run. By focusing on buying quality, durable fabrics like wool, linen and cotton, you’ll have pieces that will last you for years - and keep you looking good, too. 

Personal convenience aside, being a conscious consumer is as good for you as it is for the planet. 

What are the benefits?

There are endless benefits to purpose-driven fashion. Firstly, it reduces environmental harm caused by traditional fashion industry practices - fast fashion is contributing to the 92 million tonnes of clothes-related waste produced globally each year. According to, that’s enough waste to fill one and a half Empire State Buildings  every day

By supporting the sustainable use of natural and renewable resources, you’re encouraging responsible and ethical manufacturing processes, too. 

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3 top tips for being a sustainable shopper

  1. Choose natural materials that are biodegradable, such as wool or cotton. Alternatives like polyester can take up to hundreds of years to break down, and create significant environmental damage. Plus, natural materials last longer and the manufacturing process is less harmful to the environment!
  2. Spend time researching the brands you’re buying into. Do they pay their workers a living wage, from partner mills to their offices? How often are they producing garments? Choose a company that aligns with your values.
  3. Opt for quality over quantity. We’ve already spoken about the benefits of building a capsule wardrobe, but investing in high-quality pieces that never go out of style avoids the need for you to constantly update your wardrobe. 

What do the experts say?

Our Brand Stylist and expert on fashion, Chloe, says: ‘Eco-friendly fashion, to me, means buying into pieces that are timeless and fit effortlessly into my capsule wardrobe. I buy versatile pieces expecting them to be in my closet for decades to come and can be mixed and matched endlessly.’