TBCo Size Guide: Find Your Perfect Fit

all measurements are approximate

Scarf Sizes

With three different scarf widths to choose from, we're here to help find your perfect fit - standard, oversized or blanket.

Standard & Mens Scarves | 30cm x 200cm | 12" x 79"

Our Standard Scarves are our smallest scarves, which makes them the easiest to tie, something we’ve come to appreciate for bike rides. They’re also the easiest to stuff into a bag, something we’ve come to appreciate when the weather can’t make up its mind (Scotland has entered the chat). We love adding them to an outfit, even without a coat, for a bit of texture, colour and warmth.

Oversized Scarves | 50cm x 200cm | 20" x 79"

Our Oversized Scarves are our most popular size. They’re super warm and give that lovely chunky scarf look without being too bulky, and add colour without overwhelming an outfit. As an in-between size, they fit nicely both over and under coats. When it’s jacket weather, we find ourselves reaching for one of these instead, due to the temperature-regulating nature of wool. Our Oversized Scarves are all about easy dressing for effortless style.

Blanket Scarves | 75cm x 200cm | 30" x 79"

Our warmest, biggest scarves. Great for wrapping, draping, belting, bundling and keeping toasty. They’re also a favourite of wedding parties for wearing as a wrap and keeping cosy while wearing a dress (embroider their wedding date to win the Best Gift Award). The best thing about them? They’re the same size as our Small Blankets, meaning you can bring a blanket along wherever you venture. We’ve found them super useful for going from “wear to chair” at chilly cinemas, long plane rides and keeping over our legs while watching outdoor matches, just to name a few.

Blanket Sizes

You can find TBCo blankets in three different sizes: small, large and extra large. We recently updated the name of our Knee Blankets to Small, Full Blankets to Large and King Size Blankets to Extra Large. 

Small Blankets

Lambswool, Cashmere | 75cm x 200cm | 30" x 79"

Recycled Wool | 72cm x 190cm | 28" x 75"

TBCo Small Blankets, or knee blankets as they’re sometimes known in the UK, are loved for being versatile as they can double as a Blanket Scarf. They look lovely on the end of the bed, or draped over smaller pieces of furniture, like a window seat, that might be overwhelmed by a full-size blanket. We love to keep ours on the back of the chair while working from home to keep warmth close at hand (our electricity bill always thanks us). From planes to trains, they also make excellent travel blankets that can fold away neatly. For our adventurous bridal parties who have eloped in the windy highlands of Scotland, we’ve been told the Recycled Wool Small Blankets are quite wind-resistant, too.

Large Blankets

Lambswool, Cashmere | 150cm x 200cm | 59" x 79"

Alpaca | 140cm x 180cm | 55” x 70”

Recycled Wool | 145cm x 190cm | 57" x 75"

The star of the show, our Large Blankets are our firm best sellers. The generous size makes it everything you want in a blanket, the wool makes it everything you want and more. For beds, we love to lay them out over the duvet to add pattern, or fold them in half and leave at the end of bed for the ultimate naptime throw. Did you know wool can actually help you sleep better? Its temperature regulating properties means your body expends less energy, helping you slip into a more restful sleep.

Extra Large Blankets

Recycled Wool | 175cm x 250cm | 69" x 98"

Are you a “more is more” kind of person? Our Extra Large Blankets are the ones for you. Big enough for a UK king bed, big enough to use as a throw for a USA king bed and most importantly, big enough to roll in and wrap up tightly like a multi-layered burrito. Also known as our ‘family blankets,’ our Extra Large Blankets are particularly talented at movie nights with three to four people snuggled on the sofa. 

Pet Blanket Sizes

Woven from durable and machine-washable recycled wool, our Pet Blankets come in small and large.

Small Pet Blankets | 75cm x 90cm | 30" x 35"

For cats, small pups, bunnies and other furry friends on the petite side of things, behold, their new favourite blanket. We’re not quite sure how to explain it but pets love wool. Especially for cats, wool is the catnip of blankets. Does sleeping atop a wool blanket feel like they’ve caught a sheep? Or are they just really into being cosy? We think yes and yes.

Large Pet Blankets | 150cm x 90cm | 59" x 35"

Made with bigger pooches in mind, our Large Pet Blankets are great for protecting sofas, keeping the backseat of your car scratch-free, laying in front of the hearth or making wood floors just a little bit softer for optimum naptime. Although our marketing team wouldn’t let us rename them ShedBarrier3000™, we like to consider these pet blankets a life-hack as they also protect black outfits from showing your dog’s shedding white fur when they lay across your lap.

Little TBCo Sizes

Available in skin-friendly and temperature regulating lambswool, our Little TBCo range is all about keeping cosy, comfy and well.

Baby Blankets | 75cm x 110cm | 30" x 43"

Our Baby Blankets are woven to be the ideal size for keeping in a cot, taking out in a pram or wrapping a little one up in a car seat.

Kids Blankets | 75cm x 200cm | 30" x 75"

The same width as our baby blankets but about double the length, our Kids' Blankets make naptime, movie nights and hanging out around the house comfy and cosy.

Kid Scarves | 25cm x 155cm | 10" x 61"

Our versatile Kids' Scarf is one size that reaches across 2-10 years according to how you wrap it. For our smaller friends, we usually wrap it twice to shorten the tails of the scarf. Our Kids' Scarves are designed to keep up with your little ones for years and years, and we love to embroider their name on it to keep it from getting lost.

Add Embroidery

You can personalise almost every blanket and scarf, there a just a few exceptions due to the weave structure. To add embroidery, simply click into the product listing and choose “Oh yes!” under “Add embroidery?”

We encourage you to get creative. Embroidering a date makes a lovely wedding present, adding a name to a pet blanket is notoriously adorable, or simply adding a one letter initial to a scarf is always a classy touch. We’ve also loved seeing people have fun with writing phrases or creating ‘best friend’ scarves with words that link up. Learn more about embroidery here.