Embrace the bold with maximalist fashion

Photo credit: @belleandbunty

Sometimes, more is more. Bright colours, adventurous patterns and unexpected textures turn a simple outfit into a bold statement. The maximalism vs minimalism debate is a heated one, rivalled only by the age-old question of whether pineapple belongs on a pizza (it doesn’t). 

Maximalism invites joy, optimism, and fun into your wardrobe - and home. It’s a myth that the maximalist style is cluttered or too much. It can be as easy as adding an eye-catching scarf - wink wink -  but we say do what makes you feel empowered. 

You also don’t need to have a large collection of pieces to embrace maximalist style, just a few items which can be paired to create multiple outfits. 

Photo credit: @daniellejuliesp

How to dress like a maximalist

Maximalism is about creating bold statements with carefully curated pieces and expressing your style through colour and pattern. It’s about being unapologetically yourself - after all, you don’t need to shrink your style to take up space in the world. Show up as you are, bells and whistles included. 

Get creative with colour

Colour and maximalism go hand in hand. A monochromatic colour-blocked palette adds cohesion to an outfit, or go for contrasting hues for a mix-and-match feel. Wearing your favourite colour is such a mood booster too. 

Photo credit: @spelzinisstyle

TBCo tip: Make a list of your favourite colours - which ones make you happy, and feel truly expressive? Try planning an outfit around those shades. 

Love your layers

Layers are perhaps our most favourite way to create a maximalist outfit. Start with a solid base - even jeans and a t-shirt can be transformed into a maximalist masterpiece. Add different textures, patterns and prints to make your ensemble interesting through bold scarves, brightly coloured beanies, or a textured jacket. 

It’s all about the balance

As with everything in life, building out a maximalist wardrobe comes down to balance. We want to avoid chaos and confusion in our outfits, so make sure you’re balancing your outfits well; pay attention to your silhouette - if you’ve got an oversized pant or skirt on, keeping it simple up top will create continuity in your outfit - and vice versa! 

Photo credit (L-R): @elinorcharlotte, @oliviaandalice

Maximalism vs Minimalism

Again, it’s really up to you and your style type as to whether you prefer a maximalist or minimalist style. Minimalism is great for keeping things simple, and uncomplicated and works best with neutral colour palettes. However, if you prefer to keep it loud and proud, a maximalist wardrobe can be more expressive and creative. 

Keep it sustainable

We may associate maximalist wardrobes with lots and lots of clothing choices, but take a look at your existing pieces and see what you can mix and match to create an outfit that works for you. Vintage and charity shops can also have some great second-hand items that you can incorporate into your wardrobe, or purchase a few essential items to form a capsule wardrobe and build on it.

Photo credit: @dairyfreestan