5 benefits of choosing wool

You might have already guessed it, but we’re constantly in awe of wool and all of its wonders. In fact, we love wool so much that we carry five different kinds across our blankets, scarves and accessories: recycled wool, lambswool, cashmere, merino and alpaca. 

What are the advantages of wool?

Believe it or not, wool can be worn year-round; gone are the days of itchy jumpers and scratchy scarves. Sourced correctly, wool is soft and feels luxurious and has the ability to elevate your outfit from ‘I just threw this on’ to ‘style icon for the ages’. Plus, it has a whole host of benefits - it’s a fibre that makes you look and feel good. 

What are 5 properties of wool?

1. Wool is a sustainable fibre

A huge shout out to sheep for that one - wool is natural and biodegradable, making it an eco-friendly option compared to synthetic materials. Because wool naturally decomposes in the environment, it reduces its impact on landfills and doesn’t leave behind any harmful residues.

We partner with the mills we source from, ensuring that we support sustainable practices and have a positive impact on the planet and the people who live on it. 

Our Recycled Wool Blankets, for example, save on average six woollen garments from landfill, and our lambswool and cashmere are sourced from family-first farms in Inner Mongolia. 

2. Wool is a breathable fabric

Wool is synonymous with luxury - especially a pure fibre like lambswool or cashmere, which isn’t spun with other fibres and retains its softness. 

Part of wool’s allure is its breathability. It’s moisture-wicking which allows droplets to escape and prevent you from overheating. 

Wool also has the ability to absorb moisture without feeling wet, keeping you dry and comfortable no matter what the weather.

3. Durable and long-lasting

Wool fibres are strong and aren’t susceptible to breakage. This means woollen garments and accessories can be worn time and time again - like when part of a capsule wardrobe - without running the risk of wear and tear.


There’s a long life cycle associated with wool, even to the point of washing and taking care of wool properly. Most woollen products aren’t washed as regularly as other clothes, which saves on energy consumption and water wastage. 

4. Staying warm with wool

It’s the worst-kept secret that wool is great for keeping you warm. Wool traps air between its fibres to create a natural, insulating barrier - perfect for when the colder days arrive. When it’s a wee bit warmer, wool is also temperature regulating and through its moisture-wicking properties, can help keep you cooler.

5. It looks good!

Wool, in all its forms, looks great. A lambswool blanket retains natural dyes for bright, bold patterns that can transform your home and wardrobe. Add an oversized scarf for a pop of colour to your outfit, or add an undyed alpaca blanket to the end of your bed for a boucle texture.