Your Purchase, Our Pledge: Empowering Positive Change with Every TBCo Order

What is the TBCo Positive Impact Pledge?

At TBCo, every purchase is a step towards a better tomorrow. Through our Positive Impact Pledge, 2% of each and every purchase you make supports charities that protect the planet and give to those in need. This means we donate from our annual revenue instead of just our profit for maximum impact. Your everyday decisions of what to wear and how to decorate your home drive change, embodying our belief that great style can create an even greater impact.

What do we mean by 1% for the Planet, 1% for the People?

When you choose a TBCo blanket, scarf, or any piece from our sustainable range, you're not just selecting high-quality, eco-friendly style. You’re casting a vote for a greener, more compassionate world. Here's how your purchase translates into positive action:

  • Environmental Impact: With every order, TBCo donates 1% of revenue to environmental charities like the World Land Trust and Cool Earth. These contributions are vital, funding projects that protect threatened habitats and combat deforestation, helping preserve the planet for future generations.
  • Social Responsibility: Another 1% supports social causes, providing essential resources and support to communities in need. From the UN Refugee Agency to local initiatives like food banks, your purchases enable us to extend a helping hand where it’s needed most.

What kind of impact do your TBCo orders have?

You are the hero of our story. Without your support, our pledge to make the world a better place would remain just that—a pledge. Here’s a glimpse at the impact we've created together:

  • Over 400K donated to Positive Impact Charities: Over the years, your purchases have allowed us to donate significant amounts to positive impact charities.
  • Over 1 million garments saved from landfill: Each of our recycled wool blankets save about 6 woollen garments from landfill. Your choices have saved millions of garments from landfills, reducing waste and promoting recycling efforts. We only create TBCo products from natural or recycled fibres, because it just makes sense.
  • Promoting B Corp Certification:  Companies verified by B Lab meet high standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability. The B Corp Movement is transforming the global economy to benefit all people, communities, and the planet.

What positive impact charities have your orders supported?

We are committed to supporting a variety of causes that align with our values. This includes everything from environmental conservation to humanitarian aid. We rotate the charities we support on a monthly bases, and you can stay in the know with our monthly announcements by signing up to our newsletter and following us on instagram.

Charities your orders have supported include: Action Aid Morocco Earthquake Appeal. ActionAid. Anthony Nolan Fund. Asral NGO. Bankuet. Changing Faces. Charities. Child Poverty Action Group. Choose Love. CHSS (Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland. Cool Earth. Dundee Bairns. EMMS. Galop. Garvald. Givewell. Global Fund for Women. Hellen Keller International. InKind Direct. Maggies. Mind. NAACP Empowerment Programs. Ocean Clean Up. Ocean Generation. Oceana. Red Cross. Sewadham Ashram. Smart Works UK. Smart Works Scotland. St Columbus Hospice. Strut Safe. The Circle. The Hunger Project. The Red Cross. The Trussel Trust. The World Land Trust. Tiny Changes. Trevor Project. Trussel Trust. U-Evovle. UN Refugee Agency. Women for Women. Women's Aid. World Central Kitchen. World Land Trust. WWF. York Bike Belles. Young Minds. And more.

By choosing TBCo, you are part of a movement that supports ongoing contributions to these vital areas, ensuring that every product you buy not only enhances your life but also the lives of others globally. '1% for the Planet, 1% for the People' isn’t just a slogan—it’s a commitment to you and the world we share. Together, we’re designing a better tomorrow, proving that what you wear and how you decorate your home can have a profound impact on the planet and its people. Thanks for being part of the journey.