TBCo x Banjo Beale



Welcome to the wonderful world of Banjo Beale, the winner of BBC’s Interior Design Masters, host of Scotland’s Home of the Year, interior designer, stylist, raconteur and occasional cheesemaker. He’s channelled his signature magic into a collection of exclusive recycled wool blankets that bring joy to your life and home. 


From the Hinterlands of Australia to the Highlands of Scotland, Banjo Beale is the Australian-Scottish fusion we didn’t know we needed. Unexpected, but it totally works. 

The TBCo x Banjo Beale collection is just that - the merging of colour, style and functionality in a handy recycled wool blanket. 

“I find so much inspiration in old things and nature. I like reinterpreting interesting materials into new things that are a little bit unexpected - good design happens when something is made with heart and intention.“

Throwing the design rule book out the window, Banjo’s design process for the exclusive collection was to throw caution to the wind and be fearless in his process. Through experimenting with different combinations of colour and patterns, the collection was created with fun at its core. 

“I’m inspired by all sorts of characters, I always invent them for anything I design. I’m inspired by natural materials and wild places. When I look at this collection, I feel like it’s grounded but playful.”

Having grown up on the Sunshine Coast before settling on his cheese farm in Mull, Banjo Beale is a connoisseur when it comes to finding the balance between wild and warmth. Whimsy and function. Australia and Scotland. A delicate balance that is reflected in his designs, which look just as good laid out on the beaches of Brisbane as they do in your home.

Banjo doesn’t take himself too seriously, and wants to share that wisdom in the stories told through his collection. 

“It’s about embracing nature and having fun along the way. I want people to to feel grounded when they use my blankets, like they’re a down to earth adventurer.” 

Speaking of earth, recycled wool holds a special place in Banjo’s heart.

“My collection is made from recycled wool, which is super important to me because even here on the farm, we don’t waste a single drop. Everything is circular, feeding off each other to keep the dream alive. We have so much that we need that already exists, so we don’t always need to go out and buy new or use something when it’s already there - I love that these blankets are made from recycled wool, because that’s circularity baby.”