TBCo Looks Good with Yasi | @yasi.fatollahy

wool blanket on bed with styled cotton cushions

Meet Yasmin Fatollahy, the fashionable interior stylist who has had us swooning. You can find her putting together great outfits, styling beautifully cosy corners or hanging out with her adorable pup, Cyrus. We asked Yasmin to curate her selection of favourites from the new TBCo Home Collection.

To help you on your own styling journey, we sat down with Yasi to chat more about her life, and ask her to share a couple of tips on how to style your home for this season. Read on to learn more about Yasi, and to see more of her gorgeous work, follow along at @yasi.fatollahy.

Hey Yasi! We feel like we know you pretty well by now, but could you tell our community a little bit about yourself? 

“Hey TBCo! I’m Yasi, I’m 32, from Newcastle, North East, UK! I live in a mid-terraced Edwardian house, that’s full of colour and filled with love from my long haired Dachshund, Cyrus.”

We are in love with your home style (so much so we had a photoshoot there!), can you share more about what inspires your design choices? 

“I’d say my style is a mix of contemporary and traditional. I love the juxtaposition of period features against newer pieces of furniture/art. I try to inject as much colour as I can into the space too, usually through a muted palette.”

recycled wool blanket on chair being styled

Can you share your 3 top tips for making your house feel like a home? 

“One, don’t be afraid to show your personality. After all, this is the place you spend most of your time in. If you like weird and wonderful things, then go for it!  

Two: colour!! As I said previously, I love to add colour into a space. If you feel you’re not daring enough, then try to add in some soft furnishings, like cushions and throws. This way it's not a permanent fix! 

Lastly, add some personal touches into the space, whether that’s photographs, family heirlooms, or old cherished teddies! This builds a story and keeps things interesting!”

Discover Yasi’s colourful picks from our TBCo Home Collection.

colourful blankets and cushions in a home

Tell us more about what you do to relax & unwind - we’ve noticed your floral arrangements popping up on Instagram, is that something you enjoy? 

“Thanks for noticing my flair for floristry!  I’m a very hands-on person, so keeping busy with crafts/floral arrangements is my way to zone out and have some ‘me’ time. I could quite easily get lost in this and not realise how many hours have actually gone by!”

Do you have a favourite TBCo. product? How would you style it in your home? 

“To be honest, any of the blankets would be welcome into my home! They’re so gorgeous, and super soft! There are so many colours to choose from, there’s quite literally an option for anyone's style/space! 

I’ve also fallen head over heels for the checkered pyjamas; when I wear mine, I must look so cool when I open the front door to the postman!”

cushions and blanket in home being styled

 What does the phrase ‘share warmth’ make you think of? 

“Sharing warmth to me means sharing positivity and practising gratitude. I think it’s super easy for us to get lost in our own little worlds and forget about the bigger picture. We should always take a moment to step back and reflect on how far we’ve come. 

Small wins are still wins at the end of the day. Enjoy the simple moments; reading a good book, laughing with friends, walking to the park with your dog, eating a tub of ice cream, whatever it is you love to do, and remember to always be present in the moment!”


Shop Yasi’s Edit here & find more home style inspiration at @yasi.fatollahy

recycled wool blanket on a couch