Stay Warm in Winter: Our Top Tips

How to stay warm in winter

Winter can be a magical time full of twinkle lights, hearty food and cosy evenings inside. But, let’s be honest, the winter cold can be harsh. Jack Frost nipping from your nose to your toes is not as pleasant as the song makes it sound. 

So, the age-old question - how can we be warmer over winter without cranking up the thermostat? 

Stay warm with wool this winter

You’ve probably already guessed that wool is our number one tip for staying warm this winter. It really is a miracle fibre when it comes to keeping cosy - and honestly, is there any better way to spend your evening than curled up on the couch with a blanket draped over you? 

Snuggle on the couch with a blanket draped over you

A woollen blanket is a great choice when it’s cold outside (and inside) - keep one on hand by your sofa, as well as by your bed. Adding a wool blanket as an extra layer at night can help trap your body heat as you sleep and keep you warm. Pop a large blanket above your fitted sheet or underneath your duvet, and get ready for a toasty, relaxing sleep

They say the feet are the fireplace of the body, so keep your tootsies toasty with a pair of cashmere socks for added comfort and warmth. Bonus points if you’ve got a slick pair of slippers to match. 

How wool keeps you warm 

We can learn a lot from sheep. Their wooly coats produce a layer of keratin which helps maintain their - and our - body temperature. There are small pockets of air that get trapped between the fibres of wool which traps heat and keeps you at a comfortable temperature. 

What’s even more amazing is that these pockets of air also make wool super breathable, so if you heat up a bit too much the wool will keep you cool. Thank you, sheep

Stay warm in winter with cashmere socks

Wool vs Electric Blanket

We must give electric blankets their due - they’re great at heating us up, but can sometimes be a drain on our electricity and cause more hassle than they’re worth. Opt for a wool blanket over an electric one for a sustainable snuggle on the couch. 

Stay warm without touching the thermostat

Wearing or snuggling up in wool is our number one recommendation for staying warm this winter, but what else can we do to heat our homes and bodies during the colder months?

  1. Layers are said to beat the cold over wearing just one thick item of clothing. Long sleeve t-shirts under jumpers and doubling up on your socks can help keep you cosy. When going outside be sure to bundle up with a cosy beanie and some gloves.
  2. Block the gap between your doors and the floor with draught excluders to stop warm air from escaping. Rolling up a blanket or towel and placing by the base of your doors is an effective way of combating lost heat.
  3. Exercise is a mood-boosting activity and can improve our immune system – and keep us warm. Get moving in a fun way to boost your body temperature – whether this is going on a walk or run, stretching with yoga, or dancing around the living room to your favourite song. You can find some tunes on the TBCo. playlist here

Stay warm in winter