New Arrival Pet Blankets: Wag Worthy Wool


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We love our pets - we’d share everything with them if we could. The only exception? Our TBCo blankets! For too long we’ve been subject to petty theft, having our cats, dogs and furry friends nick our blankets from us - it’s about time they had their own, don’t you think?

Pet Blankets for Dogs (and cats!)

Gone are the days of wandering the house, looking for the ‘mysterious stink’ - we’re saying goodbye to muddy paws after long dog walks in the park - TBCo's Recycled Wool Pet Blankets are machine washable as well as being dirt and odour resistant. And, of course, they’re nice and soft. Only the best for our four-legged friends.

Keep your pet blanket adventure-ready in the car, or fold it up in the window for cat naps in the sun. You can even embroider your pet’s name onto the blanket - one for you, one for them!

Gifts for pet lovers

Pet blankets make the perfect gift for friends and family who are pet lovers - and let’s face it, we’re all a little bit guilty of making our pets our entire personality. Build your own pet gift box for pampered pooches (and cats!) with their very own pet blanket and sustainable pet toys. Don’t forget to add a gift note so our furry friends know who to thank for their new treats!

TBCo Pet Gift Box

How to wash pet blankets

Washing your Recycled Wool pet blanket is as easy as popping it in the washing machine. We recommend a cold ‘wool wash’ cycle with dedicated wool soap. You can also use wool soap to remove stains and spot-treat your blanket. Find our full guide on how to care for your wool here.

Recycled Wool Pet Blankets

Just like so many of our furry friends, these special pet blankets are rescues! Instead of letting the offcuts from our recycled wool blankets go to waste, we gather them into super sustainable pet blankets, which means they are twice recycled. What’s that saying? One man’s trash is another man’s treasure? Well, these are more like one man’s treasure is another pet’s treasure!