Our Rebrand: Say Hello to TBCo!

Hi, it's Emma and I have some really exciting news I wanted to share with you! You might have noticed some changes around here for a few months as The Tartan Blanket Co has evolved. And I am now excited to share that our name will also be evolving as we become TBCo. The TBCo brand still has the same soul, focussing on sustainability and warmth, but now with a whole new look, feel and purpose. Here at TBCo, we are on a mission to design a better tomorrow with warmer people and a cooler planet. We want to thank you so much for being a part of the journey so far and we can’t wait to share more about our new products and plans as we create and grow this design-leading, positive-impact company.


Nice to (re)meet you. 

If renewable materials and recycled wool didn’t give it away, we’re all about renewal. This year, we’re renewing ourselves. We’ve updated our name from The Tartan Blanket Co. to TBCo, reimagined our logo and added some fun new colours to our palette, alongside a few more exciting changes - including a limited edition collection with new designs, just for you.

Being a Scottish company, our roots are important to us. When we started TBCo in 2014, we wanted a name and a brand that reflected our homeland’s rich textile history, and to create products which brought warmth to people and their homes.  The definition of heritage for us has expanded over time, and whilst we love a good tartan, we’ve grown as a business, and our inspiration for our products has grown with it. Our focus has shifted to creating innovative designs and having a positive impact on people and the planet. We believe our purpose, both as a company and as a generation, is to strive to preserve our planet and give back to those in need; creating a better future with warmer people and a cooler planet. 

Our aim is to bring you the best designs in the most environmentally friendly way. Our focus has shifted towards fashion, design and culture - our inspiration has evolved from Scotland’s nostalgic past to influencing a sustainable future globally. Together, we are part of a collective with a shared mission - leaving a positive impact and designing a better future for all. 

Throughout each phase of our rebrand, we asked ourselves, what do we stand for? As a collective, who are we? What do we care about? Because TBCo isn’t just us as a brand, it’s you as our community - and how do we create a business with purpose at its core? Together, we wrote up our values of our brand and our community.

We are TBCo, and…

We are warm.

TBCo is on a mission to share warmth through our naturally warm products and gifts, giving back and spreading kindness, and encouraging a warmer and more thoughtful society for all.

We are responsible.

We take responsibility for our impact on others and the planet and seek accountability as an opportunity for growth. By ensuring purpose-driven products, our community’s only responsibility is to enjoy them.

We are striving for better.

Good is just not good enough, we are striving for better. We approach our craft with an open mind, the humility to learn and the desire to grow, always asking how we can do better. 

We are a creative collective.

As a community of creative and caring minds, we are eager to spark change through unique ideas and great design. We embrace differences while working together to create a better tomorrow.

Being Better with B Corp

As part of our drive to be a force for good, TBCo is proud to be a B Corp-certified brand. Being a part of the B Corp collective is a huge recognition, not just for TBCo and its teams' efforts, but yours too. A B-Corp certification affirms the commitment we have as a collective to better the planet we live on, and the people who inhabit it. Not only is it a great achievement in itself, but being a part of B-corp will mean any areas of improvement will be highlighted, allowing us to work together to create not just a better TBCo, but a better future for all.  

New for you: The Renewal Collection

Speaking of warmer people… You didn’t think we’d just rebrand without bringing in some special scarves for you, did you? Not only are we introducing a new TBCo, but we’d also like you to meet The Renewal Collection. 

A collection of eight, 100% lambswool scarves, in six limited edition designs. Inspired by joyous expression and summer capsule wardrobes, our new scarves are designed with fun, fashion and functionality in mind, and are the perfect addition to your Spring/Summer wardrobe. 

We’re celebrating growth, transformation and the shifting seasons with the Renewal Collection - renew your home and your style with these limited edition designs.