Behind the Collaboration with Amy Bell

Launching  Friday | 14 October | 1PM BST | 

Limited Edition & Limited Availability


We’ve are so excited to reunite with Scottish style icon Amy Bell on a second collection of sustainable lambswool scarves in four limited-edition designs. Keep reading to learn more about the inspiration behind her incredible designs.

What inspired the collection? How did you choose the colours and designs?

To be honest, I found designing this collection even more difficult than the last to begin with (and that’s no mean feat as it appeared that fickle back-and-forthing had reached its peak last time) - the first collection was so well received that I felt a bit sweaty palmed at the thought of how to add to the scarf family and do it justice. However, once I’d sat down properly with a handful of biscuits and a bru - of the Irn ilk that is, rather than Yorkshire - I realised that I had a whole host of designs that I wanted to bring to life. We wanted them to carry on well from the last collection, so you’ll see little threads of that in there, whilst also standing strong on their own so we went through many, MANY designs and colourways. Again, I had the ideas in my head and through drawings and annotations that looked like something you’d find in a prehistoric cave and long, rambling sentences, the amazing Jade and Rach from the design team turned them into something beautiful. It was then a case of narrowing them down, trying to work out where there might be gaps in people’s wardrobes and - hopefully - landing on a collection where there’s a scarf to suit everyone. There may even be two scarves to suit some people. 

What inspired the names?

Special scarves need special names (I’m campaigning for that to be made into a universally recognised motto), so these scarves are named after my friends’ and family’s little ones. They are a tribute to the four tiny little wonders that have come into my life over the past year and a half and made it a better place for all. And if they happen to save me an extra slice of cake at their birthday parties because of it, well… I’m okay with that.

What do you imagine these being worn with? Any styling tips?

I wanted to create scarves that were a bit different but still very wearable as you want to be able to throw them on with anything in Winter and get your wear out of them! So my initial tip would be this: do not be scared of the blue and green check. She’ll go with a lot more than you think! A black leather jacket, a trench, a camel coat… for something that initially looks quite out there, it’s actually very versatile and can be styled quite simply (as well as, of course, for some excellent colour/print clashing when and if you’re feeling wild).

How do you want people to feel when they wear their Amy scarf?

Ah what a rush, the thought of that will never get old! I remember the first time I saw someone wearing one in the street last year I almost fell to my knees weeping. Winter can be a tricky old time with the cold and darker nights creeping in so, I hope, along with the promise of Saturday night Strictly, that they’ll bring people a little bit of excitement in the darker months. The quality of the scarves is incredible - that’s another thought I’d love people to have when they put them on; ‘my god do TBCo make a good scarf’ - and they’re built to last so hopefully people will have a friend for life and will find new ways to style them year in and year out. 

What key words do you associate with the collection?

Oh cosy for sure! Joy would be another. Comforting (as all good scarves should be). Makeshift blanket (seriously, these babies are multi-purpose)

How’s it been working with TBCo (indulge us)?

To quote the legend that is Tina Turner: Simply the Best. I feel like I’ve known the TBCo team forever; they’re the warmest, friendliest, most talented bunch that you’ll come across. They make beautiful products (of course) but also really care about looking after the world whilst they do it, which is the most special thing about them as a company. TBCo I love you!