Get inspired with TBCo Wedding Wraps & Blankets

We know how hard it is to be warm and stylish. Whether you’re planning a Scottish elopement or an adventurous outdoor wedding, having that perfect wedding layer is a challenge unto itself. Wool on your wedding day is the perfect pairing. 

Sharing warmth is our love language, so seeing TBCo as part of your wedding day is one of our favourite feelings. Just call us Cupid. We couldn’t keep these beautiful moments of warmth to ourselves, so we’re sharing some TBCo inspo for your big day.


Wedding Wraps vs Wedding Coats

To have and to hold for when it gets cold: we all know the dress is a big part of any wedding, so why not elevate it with a blanket scarf? If you’re getting married outside or need to stay warm when the evening chill sets in, your scarf is your companion. Choose a style that compliments you, and embroider your initials or wedding date for an extra-special touch—bonus points for getting your bridesmaids matching scarves, too.

Keep it minimal and elegant with a simple monochrome palette - we’d recommend cashmere or alpaca for this – or add fun and whimsy with a colourful lambswool get-up that matches your wedding look.

Unique wedding favours

Share warmth on your special day by dressing your venue’s furniture: we all know half the struggle when finding a wedding-worthy outfit is picking a jacket to match, so take away the stress and adorn your reception space with small blankets that will keep you and your guests warm. Plus, they make great keepsakes for you or your guests to take home as a memento of the day. 

Wool for your wedding

Whether you’re celebrating outdoors, wanting an extra layer of warmth, or looking to elevate your day with details, you can’t go wrong with wool for your wedding.